What we do

Our team can perform up to 15 colonoscopy and EGD procedures in a day.

Relatively short set-up time and minimal space requirements.

We supply all the consumables.

SMD physicians are credentialed to work in prison systems.

Staff are security cleared.

SecureMD arranges for a full clinical team – GI physicians, nurses and technicians – to come on-site and perform routine endoscopy at your correctional facility. Physicians are credentialed to provide services to inmates. Our team arrives in an unmarked van with all the necessary equipment and medical supplies for cases scheduled that day. After the last case, the team packs up and departs. All security standards and procedures are followed on each visit.

  • Our physician performs a pre-procedure with every patient.
  • Patients are lightly sedated with Versed and Fentanyl while undergoing their procedure.
  • Most patients walk out of the clinic within a short period after their procedure.
  • A procedural report with labeled images is printed and given to the facility to maintain as part of the patient’s permanent medical record.
  • Scopes are reprocessed in a separate area by our highly trained technician.
  • All soiled instruments are transported in lidded containers.
  • Pathology is completely handled by our staff.
  • Results of specimens are reviewed and sent to the facility.
  • SMD physicians can also see the patient again on the next visit for a minimal consult fee.