Who we are

SecureMD understands the need to incorporate medical services with security. We work very closely with each facility’s team to create solutions that are customized for each site.

Our goal is to maximize on-site services to provide high quality clinical services while reducing security transportation costs.

SecureMD (SMD) is a GI health care services company and dedicated provider of quality endoscopy services. We deliver a team of professionals and the equipment required to set up a temporary endoscopy suite inside the prison setting.

SMD is the first and only company in California providing on-site endoscopy procedures to prisons. Typically when inmates need a GI endoscopy procedure, they are transported from their prison to a hospital or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). Taking the prisoner off-site incurs significant costs for transport and security.

SMD is able to provide a full range of endoscopy services while eliminating the cost and security risks associated with inmate transports.